10 Industry Secrets To Make Your Small Room Look BIGGER!!!

1. Make sure you use all the natural lighting as you can, this will help open up your space.


2.Use sofas and armchairs that are raised by legs which will create space and light.valorie-hart-navy-blue-couch

3.You want to use a light color palette and neutral. This will help visually expand your space.Impressive-decor-neutral-colors-living-room-and-modern-style-with-sof-fur-rug-and-stylish-sofa-and-chair-designs-and-chic-table-with-small-candle-holders-and-plants

4.Place multiple mirrors in your space, the reflections will make your room look much bigger.m23

5.Small furniture isn’t always the key to making your room look larger. A couple larger pieces of furniture can often make a room look larger.


6.Adding floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall bookcases is a great way to make your ceilings look much taller.


7.Don’t always place your furniture against walls. Sometimes leaving some space around your furniture or facing it at an angle can open up a room.


8.Add a several lighting elements to your room, instead of overhead lighting which only focuses on one spot.

9.Adding large pieces of art to your walls can make a small room look much bigger.


10.painting the ceiling a bright color will help make your room seem tall by drawing your eye upward.



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